NYC Families Experience Both Birth and          Postpartum Doula Services

"Karla was instrumental in the birth of my daughter. Not only did she bring an immediate sense of calm and reassurance from the moment she entered my apartment, but she gave my husband the tools he needed to be a great support during my labor and delivery. Her advice and encouragement during my labor enabled me to have a 100% drug free delivery. As my postpartum doula, Karla helped with the basics while I was recovering (errands, breast feeding help, how-to everything!) but more importantly, helped me to trust my mama instincts even though I felt completely lost. Every day felt easier after she came and I truly think I am a better mother now because of her! "

Jaci, mama to Madison

Jaci with baby Madison born at Beth Israel in Manhattan

Jaci with baby Madison born at Beth Israel in Manhattan

Baby Knox born at NYU in Manhattan

Baby Knox born at NYU in Manhattan

"We partnered with Karla for the birth of our son last October (2013).  We didn't exactly know what we were looking for in a doula because, let's face it, as first time parents, we had no idea what we were doing or what was about to happen to us.  We knew we needed a doula and we asked her all the questions friends told us to ask, after interviewing several doulas we both agreed Karla just "felt right".  Throughout our pregnancy, Karla offered continuous and compassionate support.  She was warm. She was kind. And she laughed at my husband's jokes that were not funny.  

And then I went into labor.  It was fast, it was unexpected (despite being pregnant for 41 weeks?) and it was all consuming.  I was scared and my husband's support was great but I still felt untethered.  At 3:30am Karla burst through our door and took control of my labor.  She calmly, but firmly, gave my husband direction and anchored us all both mentally and physically.  I was instantly impressed with her.  The calm, warm, peaceful doula meant business in labor.  If I had an ounce of extra strength, I would have cheered for her out loud.  Throughout the next few hours, Karla helped me labor at home.  She listened to me, she observed what was happening and knew exactly how to help me progress my labor.  In moments of doubt and chaos, I looked at her and found peace. She even reminded me of my favorite mantra "Fierce body. Calm mind."  She reminded me consistently that our baby and I were laboring together and that this was something special, natural and perfect.  At one point, I heard my baby say "My mommy is a strong mommy" - and I wouldn't have had access to that place without Karla helping me tune in.  When we arrived at the hospital (10cm dilated!), it was clear that Karla had memorized our birth wish list.  She coached my husband through communications with the staff that was rushing to get me situated.  She made sure we were informed and could speak for ourselves.  In the final stages of my labor, Karla kept me centered and my husband calm.  She kept me present and helped us both to fully experience our first birth.  Karla coached me through delivery but then stayed present and directive throughout the next hour.  She helped me through the discomfort of stitches and made sure our first latch was successful.  She kept us informed and educated from start to finish.  

I was so proud and so grateful for Karla, that upon my return home from the hospital, I begged her to help me postpartum. Luckily, she had time available.  Over the next several weeks, Karla helped me to navigate my new emotional and physical reality.  From soothing a newborn, adjusting a latch and figuring out a breast pump - Karla helped me feel supported and safe.  I really looked forward to my time with her.  I felt more confident in myself after every session.  My husband and I are profoundly grateful for Karla.  We continue to tell everyone we know that Karla's confidence, compassion and care worked to get us the birth we hoped for. She is truly wonderful and the "secret weapon" of our birth team.  We continue to recommend her to expectant parents in the NYC area."

Marisa and Steve, parents to Knox


I want to start by saying, that it is very difficult for me to find the words that would express how incredibly grateful I am for the role Karla played with the birth of my daughter, Dru and for her postpartum care.  I met her early in my pregnancy through a referral and immediately knew she was the right fit, despite that fact that I was
having a home birth for my first born child and Karla had not experienced a home birth before.

Throughout my pregnancy, I was faced with difficult challenges with insurance, my care providers, a fall down the stairs at 38 weeks that resulted in a tailbone injury, minor pregnancy related health scares, and just the usual fear of labor and all that comes with the experience. For each and every issue I had, Karla was there for me with soothing words, a shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen and more importantly, I felt her heart was in it and there. She really cared, which is what helped me more than anything.  She always makes herself available and she genuinely wants to help - help you feel better, help solve the problem and get through the obstacle with you.   She really, really cares about what she does and the women she takes on as clients. If she doesn't have an answer, you better believe that Karla is the first person to reach out to her network to find a resource or advice for you. She is so passionate about what she does and is so interested in learning more, in an effort to be of the best service to the clients she takes on.  When I was approaching my due date, Karla kept in touch with me and continued to provide me with a source of comfort and ease as my due date came and went and I had a bruised tailbone.  During my labor, she was a rock star.  My labor was very tough due to the baby's head position being asynclitic (baby's head cocked to the side, providing one of the toughest labors) and Karla's support throughout the birth, is what got me through it. These types of births almost always result in forcep deliveries or c-sections, but mine remained a vaginal birth at home, because of Karla's complete devotion to me during my labor, which I felt and gave me all the strength in the world. She was incredible for her first home birth and my husband and I are forever grateful for her.

I need to add, that Karla is the person who explained my birth to me, explained why there were certain challenges, what they meant, why I felt certain ways, and helped me process the birth. Not my care provider, but Karla. This is probably one of the most important things that she did. I was really having trouble processing my experience and dealing with those initial hormones and emotions, until Karla walked me through this and explained things to me, lovingly and calmly.

My care provider provided additional challenges in my labor and postpartum, and Karla continued to support me through those issues and provide suggestions and ideas to help better my situation.  From the moment my daughter was born, despite the grueling 20 hour labor with all sorts of drama, Karla stuck with me and ensured Dru latched on and I was getting the breastfeeding process going. Her postpartum visits were always extremely helpful, whether it be helping me breastfeed, teaching me how to pump, answering the bevy of questions.  I always had, providing my husband and I with a much needed extra set of hands for laundry, preparing food, teaching us to swaddle, teaching us about baby wearing, and walk us though our room full of baby supplies that we had no idea what to do with, until Karla showed us. There were so many things we didn't know we would even need to know, and Karla being there for the first few weeks as a person to call and to help us physically and emotionally, is invaluable.

Misha, mama to Dru

Baby Dru born at home in Harlem

Baby Dru born at home in Harlem


"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that frightens us most." ~Maryann Williamson